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Good Afternoon Families and welcome to our wonderful week.

Today we started our day playing outside with the variety of toys. Jumping from soft foam blocks along with singing “ hop little bunny” were the favourite play of children. Our little friends also had lots of fun playing with puppet animals and singing “ Old McDonald had a farm”.

When the art therapist came, the real fun started. Miss V read a book for us called “ Be Gentle”“ children enjoyed the story. So as you can guess the topic of art therapy for this week is practicing to identify and express our emotions. The related art about this topic  was learning about emotions through collage and children enjoyed mixing it with drawing. It was such a wonderfull experience to start the week.

All children were so busy playing with loose parts and just before lunch they all helped us to pack a way.  We also made our trick or treat basket for Halloween by painting the bottles in green or orange.

Wishing you all a great week and a wonderful afternoon.

Miss Debbie and Miss Shafagh