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Hello and good afternoon to families,

Today, we started our week with a great topic ” I feel connected”. We read a book “I am love” which promotes connection through love. We talked about loving ourselves, families, animals and everything around us. The related artwork in our art therapy session was painting a heart in nature colors mainly green and brown. Our little adventurers used a sponge brush to paint the heart with their both hands to replicate the foot prints of animals in their habitats. This activity was not only promoting their color recognition and their connection to nature, but also encourageing them to use their both brain hemisphere through painting with both hands.

We also had lots of fun playing inside and outside. Children were so eager to put on their hats outside. Children sang songs, read books, played on soft foam blocks, rode bikes and practiced their balancing on the beam . During our time inside, children were so busy playing in home corner, with alphabetic and numerical blocks, shape sorter and also dinosaurs.

Wishing you all a great week.

Miss Debbie and Miss Shafagh