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Good Afternoon Families

Today was a very special day in Babies Three as we all celebrated Miss Shafagh’s Birthday ? We clapped along as we sang Happy Birthday and watched in amazement as Miss Shafagh blew out her candles ? Yaaaaaay!!!! We even had a visit from B1 and B2, singing Happy Birthday to you as they marched to our room shaking shakers and balloons as well as a big Happy Birthday Banner that they had made. We hope you enjoyed your day Miss Shafagh. ?? We all love you very very much ❤️❤️

We have all had a wonderful day with lots of fun learning experiences. During our outdoor activities we explored the Knetic sand with Miss Jess. Enjoying the feeling of this magical sand as it ran through their fingers, and squished it into moulds to make lots of fun shapes. Our bikes once again being popular with the older bubs while our littlest friends enjoyed exploring the discovery bottles.

Our little learners soon moved inside were the fun continued. Self selecting from an array of resources on offer. Home corner always a favourite were they can explore their imaginations as they role play taking care of the dolls or making some delicious food in the little kitchen. Our little adventurers all busied about showing their interests in the cognitive toys, books, dinosaurs and farm animals.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone, and we will see you all again soon ?

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️