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Good afternoon families,

Today we had lots of fun with our children in BB3 room. We started our day playing outside with our friends in BB1 and 2 yard. Belle and Oaklyn had lots of fun playing with their friends there. When we came to our room, children were so busy doing different activities. Belle, Orlando, Oaklyn and Tyson had showed us their creativity in drawing with crayons. We practiced colours and animals sounds through this activity. Oakley had great time playing with musical instruments. Lane was so happy playing on the steppingstones.

Today Oaklyn brought a book ”Kind” to share with her friends. All children enjoyed the book. As children enjoyed  the activity we did yesterday  about the nature day, to day we extended that and offer children a painting of the Earth with sponge brush and blue and green paints. They all this activity and created their own version of the Earth.

Wishing you all a great evening

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie