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Welcome to a rainy afternoon, all our little learners enjoyed watching the rain tumble down, and listening to the cars splash in the puddles in the car park.

We all joined in clapping as Miss Deb sang It’s Raining It’s Pouring And I Hear Thunder. Birdie and Pip then requesting Baby Shark. Miss Shaz was walking past and came and joined in doing the actions.
Our little ones a becoming very familiar with our transition songs. They all line up at the door when they hear us sing Everybody Over Here So We Can Go Inside/Outside. Wash Wash Your Hands as they soap their little hands up. It’s Time To Pack Away when it is time to pack our toys away. Transition  times are important because they can make the day run smooth and well-organized, not rushed. Allowing enough time so children make the transition gradually is the best way to avoid stressful situations.


 Birdie Pip And Carter watched excitedly as I put a variety of pictures of red objects on the wall today. Pointing at each picture I would ask what the picture was of and what colour it was. They stayed sharing this activity with their friends for sometime.

Matilda’s interest today were books, blocks and our posting boxes, using her hand eye coordination to post the colourful sticks into the post box. Block trolley also being one of her favourites, happily Matilda pushed the trolley around the outdoor area. While she is finding her walking feet this activity helps her with her balance.

Annie has been such a wonderful caring friend today, giving lots of cuddles to everyone and making sure Matilda had plenty of sticks to post in the posting boxes. Well done Annie! Her baby dolls also getting lots of tender loving care, taking them for rides in the tub and even popping in herself to keep them company. Bubbles also being her favourite, blowing bubbles for her friends and showing them how she can catch the bubbles on the bubble wand ?

Isla’s interests today were books, strollers, sand ( Sorry Mum I May Have Eaten A little) ? Isla’s favourite being the circus tent, hiding from her friends and playing Peek A Boo!! around the post.

Zac was busy sharing all his little friends interest with them . Books at the table with Pip. Riding bikes with Carter. Digging in the sand with Isla and Annie. Kicking balls around the outdoor area with Jaxon. Pushing cars around the car mat with Matilda what an amazing friend you have been Zac!

Jaxon loved the car mat pushing the cars/trucks and emergency vehicles around the road, even getting dressed for the occasion sporting his beautiful tambourine necklace. Jaxon also enjoyed the coloured stacking rings, using his hand eye coordination and fine motor skills Jaxon concentrated ever so hard as he placed one on after the other. Well done!!

During our adventures indoors we self selecting from the shelves and engaged in play with their friends, sharing interests. Home corner, connector blocks, musical instruments, book corner, discovery bottles and bags.

We have all had a wonderful day, thanks for joining us. See you all again soon ?

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ??