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Good afternoon families and welcome to our beautiful day.

This morning our children had lots of fun outside playing with their friends in Babies 1&2. They really loved to sit in the home corner, read books and practiced colors with the shiny and colorful blocks. Some of them preferred to ride bikes and others were playing with sensory bottles.

Our dress up area was the favorite place for children to be today. They had great time practicing their balance on the soft blocks foams there while playing with dresses and bags. They also enjoyed playing with stacking toys, walking on stepping stones and riding bikes.

In our group time we continued our St Patrick Day activity by painting the leaf clover using zip bag and paint. Children loved to push the green paint in the zip bag and watching the movement of the paint. It was an enjoyable activity for them to improve their hands and eyes coordination and sensory skills.

Have a great afternoon

Miss Shafagh and Miss Andressa