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Good afternoon families

Our children had lots of fun outside today. Lane enjoyed playing with numerical blocks. Then he preferred to challenge his physical skills by trying to keep his balance on a bike. Orlando had lots of fun on the rocker. He asked us to sing “Row row row the boat” for him. Tyson was so excited about his new skill in walking. He pushed the trolleys as fast as possible. Today Oaklyn was taking care of everyone. She kindly share the toys. Her favorite song was Five little “ducks”.

When we came inside, Belle went to the sensory bottles. She was so happy shaking them and listen to them. Then she happily share them with his friends.  Lane and Orlando played with stacking toys and Oaklyn was so happy sorting the matching puzzles. In our group time we sang lots of songs with puppets. “Old McDonald” and “Five little ducks” were their favorite. We practiced the sound of animals as well.

Happy Easter. Have a great long weekend

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie