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Good Afternoon Babies 3 Families,

Today in babies 3 the children all sat down around the caterpillars and gently placed down leaves, while curiously watching them eat. The children showed a lot of interest in the caterpillars pointing and giggling. This activities teaches the children to show love and compassion toward animals while caring for them.

After sometime with the caterpillars we gave the children free choice play to explore a variety of activities. Everyone got involved in rolling the balls down the block slide and chasing after them. We also all sat down to say hello the monkey. We sung the monkey song and the children found joy in giving monkey their hats to gobble up. After monkey said sorry food gobbling their hats everyone took turns giving monkey a cuddle.

Sometime after playing in the yard everyone came inside for a tasty lunch and to rest their heads. This afternoon after a well deserved rest the children will have some afternoon tea and head back outside to see were else curious minds will take us.

Thank you babies 3 families.

See you all tomorrow for some more fun adventures,

Miss Aimee and Miss Shafagh.