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Good afternoon families.

We had a great day full of fun, Laughter and learning experiences. Children were so busy playing with toys inside. Oaklyn loved playing with Duplo blocks. Matilda and Orlando played with sensory bottles. In our group activity, children made puppy flowers using paper plate and the red paint to commemorate ANZAC Day. They all enjoyed that sensory activity. As we are practicing color green, we also made a green food truck in collage. It was such a great sensory experience for children.

Our little friends were so busy outside. Oakley had a great time playing with musical instruments. He loved shaking them and make loud noise   . Belle and Matilda enjoyed their time running on the soft block foams. That was a good way to improve their physical skills. Lane preferred to play with stuffed toys. Tyson showed interest in the soft toys as well and joined Lane to play.  Olivia and Oakley had so much fun riding the bikes.

Have a great evening

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie