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Good afternoon families and welcome to our beautiful day in Babies 3,

We started our day playing with our children in Babies 1&2 yard.

Matilda, Oaklyn and Belle had so much fun on the rocker and singing “Row row row the boat”. Then our friends decided to come to Babies 3 outside area to continue their fun. There we sat up drawing with crayons for them. Lane, Oaklyn, Matilda and Olivia had a great time creating their master pieces.Tyson preferred to improve his gross motor skills. He had so much fun pushing the trolley and playing on the soft block foams. Orlando and Oaklyn asked for “Baby shark”. We sang it all together and Matilda was dancing for us.

We also had so much fun playing inside with the variety of toys and loose parts. Oaklyn and Orlando had a great time playing with matching puzzles. Matilda was so busy playing with the soft blocks. She showed us her skills in making towers. Oakley was so persistence to reach himself to the Duplo and blocks and play with them.

Hoping you all are having a wonderful day.

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie.