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Good afternoon families.

Today we had lots of fun in our room. Our little friends were so busy playing with the variety of toys inside. Olivia and Oaklyn enjoyed locking and unlocking the lock box. Orlando and Belle played with the matching toys. Lane had so much fun playing with blocks.

We also continued our activity about Labor Day. Children put the construction hat on the head of a printed man. They all enjoyed put the glue on the hat and place in on the head. This activity helped them to improve their fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination.

Our little friends experienced lots of fun outside. Oaklyn “played pick a boo” with us. She got hide in the corner and waited for me to say Booo. Belle had so much fun with the big yellow ball. She pushed it everywhere with herself. Orlando, Olivia and Lane played a lot on the soft block foams and the steps near them. Tyson was so busy with the cognitive toys. Matilda had so much fun playing with sensory bottled. Children asked for songs. So in our group activity we sang lots of songs together and playing with puppets and mimicking animals sounds brought lots of fun for us.

Have a great evening

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie