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Good afternoon families

Toady we have had fun learning about the cold, ice, snow and the wind. We looked at pictures of animals that live in the snow and the warm clothes we wear when it’s chilly. We sang songs about wind and snow.  To further our interest we made penguin hand prints. Miss Shafagh carefully traced around our hands ( This made the babies smile as their little hands were very ticklish) we added google eyes and an orange beak and a big round white belly. They are super cute ?❤️

We went on some grand adventures in our outdoor area this morning. Chasing bubbles was quite a task today as the wind blew them wildly around the yard. Balls being Zac’s  choice as he happily kicked them around the yard trying ever so hard to kick them over the fence ? cheeky monkey. Annie and Jaxon climbed over the obstacle course on their bellies, then slid like 2 little snakes down the slide. The circus tent being loads of fun as Isla and Pip waited for their friend Annie to pop her head out wanting Annie to chase after them. Zooming around on the bikes, playing in the sand and rocking on the rockers were just a few of  their adventures during their outdoor play.

We have really enjoyed our afternoon chilling indoors, exploring all the resources on offer. Birdie happily settled in book corner flipping through books. Jaxon and Carter busied around in home corner, Carter busy cooking up a storm in the little kitchen while Jaxon tucked the babies in bed. Matilda moved around from one activity to the next happily selecting toys from the shelves. Discovery bottles, multi cultural dolls and construction table being a few of her choices. Always turning around to smile at the camera, Matilda loves a good photo shoot ??

Discovery bags, drawing, jungle/ farm animals, posting boxes and blocks also being some of their interest during our indoor activities.

We have all had a wonderful happy day, see you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone and stay warm.

Loads of Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️