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Good afternoon families

In the morning our little friends asked us to give them paper and crayons to draw. They all chose their favourite colours and while we practicing different colours they draw their favourite things this is improving their fine motor skills.

In our group time we sang lots of nursery rhymes and we read one of their favourite books called “ Where is the green sheep”. During the day we had lots of fun Inside and outside playing with variety of toys. Balancing toys and rockers were their favourite activity outside and reading books and playing in home corner Were their hobby for inside.

In our group activity our little friends practiced threading. It was a very exciting experience for them and they focused well to do it. It was also full of fun for them. During this activity while they were improving their fine motor skills, they practiced colours as well.

Wish you a great day.

Miss Debbie and Miss Shafagh

Don’t Forget to dress your little ones in jeans for Jeans For Genes Day tomorrow. Gold coin donation