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Good Afternoon Families

Big celebrations in Babies three today celebrating the twins Birdie and Pips 2nd Birthday. We sang Happy Birthday ? and enjoyed some very yummy chocolate cake. Birdie and Pip enjoying blowing the candles out. Thank you to Pip and Birdies Mummy for the delicious cake all our little friends loved it.

A very busy and happy day had by all. Lots of outdoor activities including bikes, balls, stories, and running races as well as balancing on our stepping stones and climbing the large foam blocks.

Indoor activities were equally enjoyable as they all enjoyed exploring and self selecting learning resources from the shelves. Blocks, puzzles and home corner being just a few of their interests.

Extending on with our colour recognition and sensory experiences we were involved in a magnificent art activity. Silver trays placed on the table, we then scattered little animals on the bottom of each tray. We covered the animals with shaving foam and squirted green paint across the top. After we put our art smocks on we were ready to investigate this exciting activity. Most of our little learners loved the feeling of the soft fluffy foam, moving the green paint through the foam was a magnificent cause and effect learning experience. The children saying green green!! Looking through the foam to find the animals was a little challenging and a wonderful learning adventure.

Thank you all for a fantastic day, see you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone.
Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ???❤️