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Good afternoon families and welcome to a day full of fun and adventure,

Today we had lots fun playing outside with the variety of toys. Abigail had lots of fun playing with sensory bottles. She was shaking them and listening to the sounds they made. Oaklyn and Van had a great time playing pick a boo when we were in BB1&2 outside area. Olivia preferred to play with bikes Then she decided to improve her balance skill on the soft block foams. Soon after Kaya joined her, and they played together. Kingstone also was so busy playing with bikes and rockers.

When we came inside our little learners enjoyed paining poppies for ANZAC day. They all love the painting.  We always encourage children to learn and experience different cultures through art and craft. Our little friends played a lot inside. Van was in the home corner pretend cooking. Abigail played with musical instruments. Kaya and Olivia were interested in musical instruments too, so they joined Abigail. Oaklyn and Kingstone played with blocks. They made a big tower together.

Have a good evening

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie