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Good Afternoon Families

Today in babies three we enjoyed lots of free play with our friends.

Free play is unstructured, voluntary, child-initiated activity that allows children to develop their imaginations while exploring and experiencing the world around them. It is the spontaneous play that comes naturally from children’s natural curiosity, love of discovery, and enthusiasm.

We explored both the indoor and outdoor areas enjoying self selecting from a variety of resources that were on offer. Our social skills and language development are being explored as we share our interests with our friends. Gross motor skills being strengthened as we use our little leg muscles to push the bikes around, kick balls and climb the mountain of large foam blocks. Sensory experience while we explored the sand in the sand pit and the very bumpy/squishy shape blocks on the table. Hand eye coordination as they reached out to pop the pretty bubbles that floated through the air. Loads of role play, imagination and sharing during their time in home corner. Musical instruments and alphabet blocks also being enjoyed. As we stacked the blocks we counted 1,2,3 then we would knock them down, clapping and cheering as they crashed to the ground with a loud bang.

We all enjoyed moving and grooving to The Wiggles. Doing the actions to Rock A Bye Your Bear, Hot Potato and Point Your Finger. 
During our group time activity we listened to a book about colours, called The Rainbow Race.
We are all very interest in colours at the moment. Next week we will start doing more activities focusing on colour recognition. On Monday Tuesday and Wednesday next week can we please ask for each of our little learners to wear something Red or bring in something that is red Please. This will be our first colour we will learn.

We have all had such a beautiful day, see you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone ?

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️