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Good Afternoon Parents,

The children started their Morning engage and interacting with the each other and their Educators outside before they continue they learning routine.  Before Morning Tea, each child selected a toy of their choice from the shelves, alphabet blocks, role play home corner, quiet corner at the library one of the Educator’s would read a book to them or sing nursery rhymes.

For morning tea the children enjoyed the pear crumble and custard which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Lunchtime, falafel wraps with various vegetables is one of their favourite lunch meals.  After rest the children had variety of fruit (honeydew, watermelon and banana) and a organic fruit slice.

It was lovely to see the children form a connection and relationship with each other and with the Educators.  They are becoming “Little Learners”.

It was a great opportunity to continue to play indoor and outdoors exploring with the various activities organised for the children from obstacle course, craft activities, construction blocks, bikes and dress ups.

Overall the children had a wonderful Tuesday continuing to get to know one another and their Teachers.

Happy Tuesday Families.