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Good afternoon families and welcome to our wonderful Tuesday.

Today we all enjoyed exploring our outside area. There was a variety of toys and activities for children to learn, experience and to have fun. Our little explorers were so busy in the sand pit. Some children preferred to play with musical instruments and others had lots of fun playing in the tent. Our  little friends had lots of quality time inside as well. They had a great time playing at the home corner and also playing with sensory toys, cars and wooden sticks . Some wonderful hand and eye coordination and language skills developed during those activities.

In our group activity, we had sand paper and chalk drawing. All children loved this activity which was done in a group. It was an amazing sensory experience for them as well as a good opportunity for developing their social skills by sharing different colours of chalks and practicing colours.

We all had a wonderful day. See you all again soon.

Miss Shafagh and Miss Maddy