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Good afternoon families,

Today we had lots of fun in our room. To extend our learning about color green we provided an opportunity for children to paint a leaf in green using leaves (instead of brush). Its benefits are:

Improving language skills

Improving color recognition

Hands and eyes coordination

Improving sensory skills

All children loved this activity. They had so much fun tapping the leaves in the paint and paint the paper.Our home corner was so busy today. Van, Oaklyn, Kaya and Lachlan had so much fun there cooking or playing with loose parts.

When we went outside, they continued their play. Van and Oaklyn enjoyed reading the books. Abigail tried to lift up herself using tables or bikes to improve her physical skills. Lane and Olivia had great time riding the bikes. Kingston preferred to play on the soft block foams and stepping stones.

In our group time we sang lots of songs with children. We used the pictures of the books, our puppets and stuff toys to create more fun during singing songs.

Wishing you all a great evening

Miss Shafagh and Miss Gilian