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Good afternoon families and welcome to our new week full of fun and learning experiences.

Today we decided to celebrate the Autumn. As this season is full of warm and bright colours, we encouraged our little learners to make a collage using yellow leaves. Oaklyn helped Miss Valerie to collect the dried leaves and all children attended to make the collage using glue and leaves. Belle and  Lachlan  really enjoyed the activity. They had so much fun choosing the leaves and stick them on the paper. Olivia also enjoyed this activity. It was such a great sensory experience for our children to improve their fine motor skills, Hand and eye coordination while they were learning about seasons.

Our little friends had lots of fun outside. They played on the soft block foams, kicked the balls and played with stuffed toys. We sang lots of songs using puppets and children were so excited mimicking the sound of animals. Kingston had so much fun playing on the frog. Lane had great time playing with musical instruments. Van and Kaya enjoyed reading books. Oaklyn showed us her talent on the drawing.

Wishing you all a great evening

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie