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Good afternoon families,

Our day was full of love, fun and experiences today. We extended the art therapy session about love on loving animals. In our group time we played with different animals and read books about them. Our little children showed their friends their favorite animals, mimic their sounds and also sang the related songs. Our fun continued when for our planned activity, we made  a collage of a Doggie holding a love heart. Children were so eager to put the parts of the doggie together.

Our little friends had lots of fun inside and outside as well. They played in home corner with dolls and sorted the stacking blocks. Balancing beam and rockers were their favorite activity outside. Some children preferred to play with balls. In overall, during all activities today, we encourage children to improve their  social skills, language skills and fine and gross motor skills.

Wishing you all a great afternoon

miss Shafagh and Miss Andresa