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Good afternoon families and welcome to our wonderful day.

We had a great time outside today. Our children played with their friends in BB1&2. Oaklyn, Lane and Orlando enjoyed playing in the home corner. Oaklyn was Cuddling the baby dolls and Lane was busy around the oven. Kingston was so busy playing in the cubby house and with balls. Orlando had a great time playing on the soft block foams. Lane and Orlando loved riding the bikes. Oaklyn Joined them latter, so three of them had lots of fun. Kaya and Van  listened carefully to the story miss Parisa was telling them.

Children had lots of fun inside with the variety of toys and loose parts. Oaklyn and Van loved the stacking toys. They had lots of fun arranging them by color. Lane and Kingstone were so busy playing with musical instruments. Kaya preferred to play with sensory bottles. She liked to shake them and see how they make sound. In our group time activity, we extended our learning about Easter by painting bunny.  We made a stamp out of a toilet paper role. All children liked to put it in the paint and stamp it on the paper.

Have a great afternoon.Stay safe

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie