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Good afternoon families,

We began our day  today with lots of play outside. Our little children enjoyed playing and sharing the variety of toys with their friends in babies 1 & 2. When we came to our room, our planned activity was decorating Christmas stockings for our Christmas  decoration. This activity included putting glue onto red or green cardboard template stockings and making it shiny and sparkly with lots of glitter. Then children put the cotton balls on the top of the stockings . All the children really enjoyed the activity. They used their sense of agency to choose  the color of their stocking and glitter. It helped them to improve their social skills and their color recognition as well as being a great sensory experience.

Our little friends also had lots of fun inside and outside. They loved  to play with scarfs and make dresses with them. Playing  with balls, dolls, loose parts and stepping stones were their favorite as well.


Wishing you all a great afternoon.

Miss Deb and miss Shafagh