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Good afternoon beautiful families,

We started our day playing outside with our friends from BB1&2. Lacklan practiced his balance on the steps and had great time playing in the cubby house. Lane liked to play Pick a boo in the cubby house with us. He had so much fun playing with the balls. Then Lachlan joined him so they played on the soft block foams.

Today in our group time we celebrate the sunny day after having so many rainy days. We offered children to paint the sun in a blue paper. Lachlan, Matilda, Patrick and Oaklyn really enjoyed that. When we were inside, Kingstone and Tyson had so much fun playing with stacking toys. They improved their hands and eyes coordination to balance the toys. Matilda and Oaklyn preferred to play with Duplo and make crown for themselves.

Wishing you all a great afternoon

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie