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Good afternoon families

Hello and welcome to our very happy busy day. All our little friends arrived with big smiles on their little faces ready to explore and go on lots of fun adventures together.

Today we continued with our acknowledgment of our Indigenous people, talking to the children about the colours of the Aboriginal flag and listening to Dreamtime music as we explored Our environment.

For our art experience today Miss Deb made play dough for us to enjoy . We had red, yellow and black to chose from, explaining to our little learners what the colours represent Red for the earth, yellow for the sun and black for the night sky and the people. We also offered our little learners an array of natural resources to explore the play dough with. Pebbles, sticks and a variety of leaves had their little imaginations working as they created some amazing art. Birdie was quite the sculptor as she carefully placed the sticks around the bottom of the play dough then added some rocks and leaves to her master piece. Pip was very proud of her work of art and would sit back and give a smile and a little dance while she admired her magnificent sculpture, before deciding on what she would add next , a true artist I think ? Annie and Archie chose to mix all the colours together, adding some rocks to the mix they would then fold the play dough around the rocks then search for them the mixture of colours looked Amazing!! Jaxon being quite the trickster decided he wanted the rocks Pip had and patiently waited until Pip looked away then he would help himself. Cheeky monkey ? Saylor chose the leaves and black play dough to explore, her friend Archie helping her choose the leaves for her master piece. Lots of role playing in our home corner putting baby dolls to bed, and cooking a big pot full of yummy fish and water melon soup Mmmmmmmmm Yuuuuuummmmmmmy!! Stacking rings, books and duplo blocks also being of interest amongst our friends.

During our outdoor learning adventures today we balanced on the stepping stones, played follow the leader on our large foam blocks. Lots of fun in the sand, riding bikes, kicking balls and chasing bubbles.

Thank you all for a wonderful day babies three ?

Have a lovely afternoon everyone

loads of love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ❤️❤️