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Good afternoon families. Welcome to another day full of adventures, learning experiences and fun.

Today we began our journey outside, playing on the tools table. Our little friends had great time practicing hands and eyes coordination and colours recognition while playing with different tools and telling us their colours. Sensory bottles, stepping stones and soft foams were their interest as well. They also had wonderful cultural experience with Miss  Macca and Miss Alex when they were singing songs in Spanish and  our little happy friends danced with them.

In our group time, we extended the Art therapy activity which was about movement. Children had lots of fun gluing the box they already painted in art Therapy day and stick different animals on that. Language skills and fine and gross motor skills being strengthened as they move around the box to stick animals on the box and mimicking the sound of animals.

Thank you all for an amazing day.

Have a lovely afternoon

Miss Shafagh and Miss Macca