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Good afternoon families,

We had a great time outside today. Children enjoyed playing with their friends in babies 1 and 2. Oaklyn and Lane had lots of fun on the rockers. Soon after Kingston joined them. Then Kingston decided to explore the pictures of the books and trying to explain them to his friends. When we moved out to our room our little friends continued their play and fun. Oaklyn was gently playing with soft toys and shared them with her friends. Noah and Nate enjoyed the toys Oaklyn offered them. Tyson Showed us his skill in walking. He had lots of fun pushing the trolley everywhere.

Children had lots of fun inside with the variety of toys and loose parts. Partick was patiently sorting the matching toys by color. Lane was so obsessed with the orange basket. He tried to pack away the blocks. In our group time activity, we extended our learning about Easter.  Children had lots of fun with Easter stamps. They had great times decorating their paper with them.

Have a great afternoon, stay safe

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie