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Good afternoon families and welcome to our day full of adventure and learning experiences.

We extended our activity about Mother’s Day today. We provided the opportunity for our little friends to make flowers for their mothers using their handprints. We drew their hands on the paper and they were so excited to watching us. Those handprint, latter will turn to flowers magically.

In our group time we sang lots of songs including ”Good morning to you” . Children were so excited and couldn’t wait for their name to be called.

Children was so happy playing outside.

We had the swing in our yard today. Lachlan, Noah, Nate and Oaklyn were so excited to play on that. Matilda played a lot an the soft block foams. Kingston was so happy riding the bikes. Nate joined him soon. Children also enjoyed the drawing with crayon outside. Tyson lived the drawing. Patrick enjoyed his time playing with the stuffed toys.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie