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Good afternoon families

We had lots of fun and learning experiences in our room today. Lachlan went to the basket of soft toys and chose a panda. He was kindly playing with Nate. Matilda preferred to play with dolls. She put them on highchair and pretended feeding them. Oaklyn chose the abacuses and moved the beads. Noah had great time playing with musical instruments. Nate at the same time preferred to play with sensory bottles. Lane enjoyed playing with the spiky balls. He kicked them around and chased them. In our group time we continued our learning about the color “Blue”. As we had lots of rainy days, Children draw rain with their choice of blue color. They all had great time. Older children drew it on the easel.

In the afternoon children went outside to play. They had lots of fun playing on the soft block foams. Noah and Nate played with numerical blocks. They tried to make a tower. Tyson had great time pushing the trolleys. Kingstone were so busy on the stepping stones.

Wishing you all a great afternoon

Miss Shafagh and Miss Valerie