Good Afternoon families

We had a day full of fun, play and learning experiences. After playing a lot with our friends in babies 1 and 2 we came to our room and continued our adventures. Children enjoyed playing with sensory bottles, numerical blocks and puppets. It was a great experience for them to improve their social and language skills and sharing toys. During in our playing outside, children had lots of fun playing with bubbles, drawing with chalk on the black board and with horses.

Our planned activity for our little friends was colouring. They all enjoyed the colouring in Santa and reindeer. They practiced their colour recognitions when they chose different colours and share their experience with their friends.

In our group time we read lots of books for them. But, their favourite one was “ Nursery Rhymes “. They all loved this book because it was full of songs they love. They all carefully listened and sang songs with us.

Wishing you all a great afternoon

Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh