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Babies 3 – Wednesday 9th of October 2019

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October 9, 2019 Babies 3 No Comments

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday😊


The children had an array of activities set out for them to play with today. The puppets were thoroughly enjoyed by Summer, Isla and Blake. Blake was making the noises of each puppet as she picked them up such as “Moo” for cow and “bah” for sheep. This made our friends clap excitedly. 

Archie and Pip loved talking to each other on a phone call today, I wonder what they were saying to each other! Birdie and Anselma enjoyed singing “Row Row Row Your Boat” as they bounced up and down on the see saw. 

Before lunch we had a painting session of sea creatures to extend on Blake’s interest in jellyfish. All of the children loved this activity and get so excited when we mention painting. 

We had all kinds of balls outside for the children to play with and use their gross motor skills to kick and throw them, Annie especially loved playing with the light up sensory balls today, she couldn’t get enough of them! 

Tomorrow we will continue on with our “under the sea” theme by creating some beautiful fish to add to the wall.

We hope you had a great day,

love Miss Deb, Miss Danna, and Miss Shafagh xxx


Written by elcbabies3

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