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What fun we have had in the baby’s room today. We started our day playing with the self-select toys on the shelfs. We enjoyed using the coloured small blocks to look through and seeing the room change colour, we also enjoyed looking through the story books.
Once all of our friends had arrived we sat down for our yummy morning of fresh fruit and yummy puree. We then asked Mr Lachie if he wouldn’t mind making us some play dough. The babies all gathered as we placed the play dough on the floor. Aston wasn’t exactly sure what he was supposed to do with the play dough and just placed it on his lap and looked at it. Neveah was a keen and enthusiastic participant in this experiences using all her little fingers to mould and shape the dough into lots of different shapes, Lucas was a little hesitant at first but with role modelling from his peers and educators was able to happily engage in this activity and had lots of fun.
For all outside play the boys all enjoyed interacting and participating in social play in the sandpit. Aston liked the red bucket and decided that he would take his bucket wherever he wondered in the yard. Blaze seemed happy and content in the company of his new friends and liked exploring all the different play spaces of the yard.
For our group time we provided the babies with some soft dolls and puppets. Poppy was engaged completely and liked cuddling and swinging her baby around. Sahara had fun playing with the sensory snake and enjoyed the feel of the different materials on her little fingers. Charlotte was very inquisitive today and was happy and content to explore lots of different toys.




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