January 11, 2019 Babies No Comments

Today some super break throughs with Jules sleeping in a cot for the first time at kindy Yipee. Plus he was ever so happy crawling commander style on his tummy.

Frankie is a busy little bee jumping from one activity to another, he loves the bubble machine, the lock puzzle and playing with his mate William.

Michael continues to have tumbles knocking himself around he seems to run into every obstacle in the yard but quickly recovers. He enjoyed playing with the new plastic bottles filled with pom poms and coloured bells. He loved the new giant ball as well as the locking puzzles but his favourite is definitely the bubble machine. His new sleep routine is working well hooray!

Little Sadie is absolutely a treasure and she is the littlest of the babies but the bravest she had a short nap ate well and loves musical toys. She is extremely inquisitive taking in her new environment and she is constantly smiling.

William is such a cheeky monkey and really knows how to get his own way, he really is drop dead gorgeous so how could one refuse that smile. He is certainly a groover and loves dancing to music ar every opportunity.

Finn did settle relatively quickly he had a reasonable nap woke and really enjoyed lunch having two serves. He remains Miss Rochelle’s little man and she has a way of making hime feel safe and secure.

The babies are slowly becoming at ease with their new Educators and rotine I am sure in the coming weeks the anxieties for everyone will dimish. Have a great week end and see you all next week.

Miss Cel & Miss Rochelle

Written by elcbabies2