July 12, 2019 Babies 1 No Comments

What a beautiful day so we enjoyed outdoor dining again and the enjoyed more of Mr Matt’s yummy food.

Quite a small group today with only five babies but we love those days because it gives us much more individual time with each child.

The creative art task today was feather collage which proved to be quite a sensory activity with feathers flying everywhere!

It was great to be able to enjoy some sand play now the pit has dried and the children enjoyed experimenting with the sand wheel and  building sandcastles using the buckets and spades.

Indoors the babies tackled puzzles, played in home corner and experimeted with the magnifying glasses.

It has been a busy week for everyone. We are wishing our sick little babies a speedy recovery and hope to see you soon.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Miss Cel & Miss Rochelle

Written by elcbabies1