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What a lovely day we have here in the babies one room today, we started our play playing outside while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Sebastian was very confident to approach the coloured foam pit and was enthused while exploring all the different shapes he could make with the foam. Nevaeh also happily participated in this experience and showed wonder and excitement while squishing the foam between her little fingers.
Once all of our friends had arrived we sat down for a yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and fruit puree, we then decided we would venture outside into the front yard with our friends from the babies two room. We had fun interacting with our friends from next door, and enjoyed the fresh air.
For our arts and crafts activity miss Camila placed the big cardboard box in the middle of the room then went and found the coloured crayons to express our creative sides. Aston was happy to engage in this activity choosing the colour yellow, he seemed delighted and made many different patterns I his creation.
For group time we enjoyed sitting on the mat and listened to miss Katrina sing nursery rhymes for us, Chloe was curious as to the “five fat sausages” and also liked “3 cheeky monkeys”. She sat listening intently while smiling at miss Katrina. Aura also liked listening to the songs, smiling and interacting with giggles as miss Katrina sang to her.