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Hello beautiful families,

Thursday at kindy has been great. After playing outside in the morning with our friends from babies 2, we went inside and really enjoyed the morning tea this morning. Once our belly were full, we were all set up for carrying on our Christmas project. We love painting and are getting ready for the party !!! We hope you are too. It is coming very soon now.

Then we went outside for a free play. Elsie liked jumping from the frog with miss Dressa, and run on the soft blocks. Mannie pretended to go shopping like mum and dad pushing the trolley. Haruto  read the Itsy bitsy spider book. Maxi played with his blue car. Max and Kobe played with the balls. The boys also like to climb on the frog. They love it.Leah and Max were swinging.

Thank you very much for your happy smiles today.

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Aurelie


P.S- Please look in your babies bag to find raffle tickets for the Christmas hamper the ticket book in five dollars also you can donate to the hamper in the office you can put anything in the hamper not just toys, you will also see an invite to our babies Christmas party on the 11th of December even if this is not your babies normal day at kindy we would still love to see you for the party.