Babies One – Thursday 23 May 2019

A few hicups with our Tablet today so unfortunately no photos so sorry however will be back on track tomorrow.

Hanď Foot & Mouth Alert please be vigilant in checking your child to avoid wasting time, basically if your child has spots around their mouth hands or feet take your baby to your  GP so they can make the correct diagnoses. We are not medical staff and if there are spots we will ask you to get a clearance to ensure the spread is kept to a minamum!

We have done our part by deep cleaning our room and disinfecting all the toys in an effort to avoid the spread.

On a positive note Theo made a beautiful birthday card for his Mum, Happy birthday from all of us Leah plus wishing you a speedy recovery.

Tumble Tots went well with Mikey, Appolon and Sadie attending plus Emmy was very excited to attend her first afternoon session. We cannot recommend the extra session more highly it really gives the children that extra confidance and definitely enhances  co ordination.

Overall we had quite a productive day with Miss Rochelle finishing the caterpillar hand prints.

Don’t forget tomorrow the baby farm animals are visiting.

Miss Cel & Miss Rochelle