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What a wet day in was here at the kindy so we started our day off singing lots of songs and jungles on the mat while we looked at all the rain drops falling from the sky, we liked “rain, rain go away, “if your happy and you know it and “heads shoulders knees and toes”. Neveah especially enjoyed the songs dancing along as Miss Katrina and Miss Camila sang and danced all the actions.
After sitting down for our delicious morning tea of fresh fruit and puree we decided to get the coloured cardboard out with the crayons and see what masterpieces we could create. Poppy enjoyed herself choosing lots of different colours to try. Ted also seemed to enjoy this activity choosing the colour blue and doing lots of different lines all over the cardboard. Neveah also was a keen participant in this experience and loved tipping all the crayons on the ground and then putting them back into the container. Amelia was a little hesitant at first but after watching her friends have lots of fun, decided to come over and join in. She did a wonderful job at holding the crayons and seemed to like swapping hands as she went.
For our group time activities, we decided to get out the musical instruments to follow Sahara’s interest of music. We were happy and content to sit around on the small mat and enjoy all our friends taking turns on the instruments, the drums and the xylophone. We then also listened to some funky children’s music where Sahara was very happy and content smiling away.
Aura loved playing pick a boo with miss Katrina, and would smile and gurgle every time Miss Katrina said “Boo”, she delighted in the interactions are was very engaging when playing.
Sebastian enjoyed spending time on the mat with the soft blocks, choosing lots of different colours to play with and enjoyed exploring the different textures, he then played with the amygdala bottles and was curious and intrigued watching the different coloured sparkles.