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Babies One – Tuesday 30th July, 2019

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Good evening babies one families. We hope you all have had a fantastic day so far as we had with our friends.

Today our morning started in our room with lots of smiles and cuddles. We then went for a venture outside where we waited for our friends to arrived whie we enjoyed lots of ball play, playing peekaboo with our friends inside the cubby house and playing with the cars and trucks in the sandpit.

After having lots of fun outside it was time to come inside and enjoy some seasonal fruits and yummy cake. Morning Tea was so yummy that we asked for another bowl saying please and thank you.

For today’s activity we made a card for Miss Rochelle’s returning, we gathered all together as a group and used crayons and pencils to leave marks on a giant piece of  paper to tell Miss Rochelle how much we have missed her. Children did such a good job at the table using their fine and gross motor skills for holding the pencils and moving them back and forth on the paper. They also showed great sharing as they swapped the pencils and the crayons with their friends.

Today’s Highlights:

Michael and Zac were so busy today building tall towers using the blocks. Michael did such an amazing job with helping Zan and showing him how to connect the blocks.

Saxon’ s favorite area was the kitchen corner today. He enjoyed making lovely dishes for his educators and presented them the food with an excited face and a big smile.

Ocean showed such a great empathy towards the baby dolls. She took care after them, patted them to sleep and rocked them in her arms.

Arlo and Appolon enjoyed choosing different books and asked Miss Gillian to read them. They both enjoyed repeating animal’s sounds after Miss Gillian.

Theo had fun exploring the animal display. The soft snake was his favorite animal to play with. He enjoyed showing his favorite animal to all his friends.

Sadie was busy playing with the sensory bottles today, shaking them and listening to the different sounds each bottle made. We then extended on this by singing along with our favorite rhymes.

Thank you so much for a wonderful day Babies One.

Love Miss Gillian and Miss Sana xx.


Written by elcbabies1

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