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Today in the babies’ room we had a very busy day exploring both our outdoor and indoor activities. Sahara, Max and Travis had a wonderful time playing with the water station, taking turns splashing the water as fast as they could. Sahara enjoyed sitting in the water play station and loved playing with the soft blocks that were placed into the water. Miss Katrina tried to encourage Amelia Grace to play in the water play but Amelia was very hesitant and very unsure and preferred to stick close to Miss Katrina. At one stage Miss Katrina accidently pulled the pull out with her foot, Travis found this very exciting and laughed. He then crawled over to where the water was gushing out and extended the water play activity into a new experience. He enjoyed putting his hand under the water and watched as the water trickled over his hand. Max then thought he would then join in the new game and crawled over to see what was happening. They both then enjoyed splashing in the big puddle the water had made.
Miss Katrina thought it would be fun to engage in a play dough experience. The babies had fun manipulating the play dough into different shapes, and enjoyed exploring the different texture though taste. Nevaeh liked squishing the dough through her fingers while babbling away.
For our group time we sat down on the mat with Miss Camila for a puppet show. Teddy found this experience extremely entertaining and laughed and giggled every time Miss Camila kissed him with the puppet.