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Today the children spent a great deal of time in our new home corner and the addition of the Chinese dinner set saw a great deal of socio dramatic play.

Mason is settling in beautifully and he even went to Tumble Tots and had a great time. He is eating well sleeping soundly and generally kicking goals we really love him and his giraffe who wears a special bib at mealtimes.

Kamila was very busy in home corner cooking on the hob with the stainless steel saucepans she even filled them with pretend water from the tap.

Arlo was just happy he was busy playing beside his friends and it has  been so pleasing to see his confidence grow, no separation anxiety anymore which is a far cry from a few months ago.

Little Jules is too cute and he arrived a little late but got right into cooking in the home corner which  may come in handy as Mum is away on a business trip and the boys are bachelors until her return.

Michael continues to be our resident little mischief very cute but always planning something, today he has started to squealing and as he is somewhat of a leader other babies have decided to copy him hence quite a noisy day!

Saxon firstly love the shirt Mum, he is starting to acknowledge the staff as they start work and when they leave and if they don’t say hello he will say hello until they do well it is not really hello but you would swear that is what he is saying!

Appolon loves outdoor play with the toy motor mower whereas indoors he enjoys pushing the baby dolls around in the prams.

Ocean seems to enjoy attending four days a week and has settled remarkably well considering for a short time she was in care at another kindy!

We are very happy to have Miss Rochelle back as we all missed her very greatly! Ha e great evening everyone.

Miss Cel & Miss Rochelle

Written by elcbabies2