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Today in the Babies Room we started our day playing on the mat while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Max enjoyed exploring all the different toys and was curious as to the toys in the self-select toy box, he persisted with his task and finally pushed the draw open, he then smiled happily at Miss Camila.

After sitting down for our yummy morning tea of fresh fruit and fruit puree we decided to venture outside to stretch our legs and have a play in the sunshine. It’s been very hot today so we choose to set up a lovely water play for our babies to explore. Sahara was a very keen and enthusiastic participate in this play and as Miss Katrina held her up to the water she keeps learning forward, so Miss Katrina decided to place Sahara into the water. Sahara delighted in the experience, squealing with delight as she sat there splashing the water excitably. Max and Amelia were also very curious as to what was happening at the water play station both coming straight over to see what all the excitement was about. Amelia and Max both splashed the water with their hands and enjoyed each other’s company while playing. Nevaeh relished in solidary play in the sand pit, laying down in the sand and running the sand grains through her fingers, while babbling to herself.

Aura was very content and relaxed threw out the day and especially enjoyed spending time on the swing, Aura engaged in interactions with both Miss Katrina and Miss Camila had smiled beautifully when we would come over to talk to her.

After coming back inside Poppy decided that she would like a turn in the bouncer, she enjoyed using her little legs to jump and down going as fast as she could. We all then enjoyed spending time on the mat listening to stories.