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Good Afternoon Families

Our adventures started in our outdoor area watching the rain tumble down and singing our rainy day songs Incy Wincy Spider, I Hear Thunder, It’s Raining It’s Pouring, And Rain Rain Go Away. We climbed a mountain of foam blocks, rode our bikes around Mount Panorama, dove into a sea of colourful balls. We kicked balls, rode through the countryside on our rocking horses and enjoyed some yummy food at our little country side kitchen. All our little friends have enjoyed their experiences together, loads of imaginative play, gross motor, fine motor skills, language and social skills have been developed as they have had fun while they are learning.

Soon it was time to move indoors, all our little learners line up together at the door Waiting to was their hands. Once inside we all transitioned to the mat where we all joined together with our hand puppets to help us with our songs. Today we had a pig, cow, horse, duck and a dog puppet to help us sing Old Mac Donald Had A Farm, all our little friends enjoyed making the noises of each animal as we sang. Next we had a very hungry crocodile come to visit helping us with our favourite song Five Cheeky Monkeys, everyone squealing and clapping with excitement as we snapped the monkeys from the tree. Soon it was time for some yummy tuna bake and salad, once our bellies were full we all had a lovely nap.

All awake and ready to explore our little learners jumped right into art, today we enjoyed putting lots of glue and pretty green glitter onto green cardboard making a very shimmery Shamrock for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Darcy and Carter enjoyed some time looking through books together. Zac and Nyah busied about pushing the dolls around in the strollers. Birdie and Pip built high towers with the alphabet blocks and then clapped and cheered when the blocks tumbled down. Summer  is our little social butterfly ? fluttering around socialising with all her little friends, books with Darcy and Carter, dolls with Nyah and a little chat in the circus tent with Pip. Matilda was quite the princess today sitting up high in her new activity bouncy twisting and turning the many activities on the bouncer watching the spin, pressing buttons watching the lights flash made her smile, becoming excited as she watched her friends move around the room, some coming to have a chat to their little friend Matilda.

We have all had a wonderful day, see you all again soon.

Enjoy your afternoon everyone

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo