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Good Afternoon Families…..

What an amazing day we have had with all our babies going on many adventures throughout the day.

Exploring our outdoor area is always a nice way to start our day, Large foam blocks, circus tent, bikes and rockers were only a few activities we enjoyed before we transitioned inside. We all are becoming very familiar with lining up to wash our hands before we eat, singing as we wash the germs away (Wash Wash Wash Your Hands Make Them Nice And Clean, Rub The Bottoms And The TopsAnd Fingers In Between) We then move onto our mat and listened to a book all about colours, our little learners loved repeating and pointing to each colour as I read. While we waited for our morning tea we sang and did the actions to some of our favourite songs The Wheels On The Bus, Open Shut Them and Miss Polly Put The Kettle On.

When our tummies were nice and full it was time for art activities today we painted and did collage . We were all involved in making a pot of gold using a variety of different textured paper in gold, some some to touch some rough. They were cut into circles to represent gold coins for our Leprechauns pot of  gold which we created to recognise Saint Patrick’s Day which we celebrate next week. All the children really enjoyed this activity helping them explore other cultures and their celebrations. We also hand our hands painted with orange paint which we then pressed them onto white paper, which will then be turned into a beautiful goldfish which will then be added to our multi cultural wall celebrating Persian New Year goldfish being the meaning of life.

A wonderful day was spent with all our little friends going on many fun learning adventures together.

Have a great afternoon everyone and we we see you all again soon

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo