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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a fantastic day! We have played peek a boo with our friends, rode really fast on our little wooden bikes, mingled in the circus tent with lots of chatter and giggling (I wonder what they are planning?) Home corner, books, kinetic sand, rockers and balls.

Posting boxes, duplo blocks, dancing to the The Wiggles, construction table and our multi cultural dolls were some of our babies indoor interests.
During our group time activities we practiced our actions to our favourite songs. All the babies are so clever and all become super excited when we start singing. Today we wiggled our fingers way up high for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, clapped and stamped our feet as we sang If Your Happy And You Know It, and let’s not forget Baby Shark and Rock A By Your Bear.

Matilda enjoyed rocking on the rocker today as we sang Row Row Row Your Boat giving us lots of big smiles.Balls and construction table were other interests Matilda enjoyed, what a cute little tradie she is. Jaxon enjoyed chasing the balls around the yard and then packing them away in the large bucket, he has done lots of walking today and has become very confident as he happily strolls around going on many adventures.Well done Jaxon! Birdie, Pip, Carter, Annie and Zac all enjoyed sharing the kinetic sand with their friends. This was such a fun sensory experience as well as social and language development as they chattered amongst the group. Zac, Carter and Annie enjoyed squeezing the magic sand into the moulding shapes we had added, then with a little help from Miss Shawn they made a variety of shapes and sand castles.  Birdie loved the slow movement of the sand as it moved backed together when she pushed the shells through it. Pip was a little hesitant at first but with a little encouragement Pip poked it with her finger, Pip was much more happier playing with the sand moulds, stacking them together.

We have had so many wonderful adventures today. See you all again soon.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone.

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo