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Good Afternoon Families

Friday again, but what an absolutely fantastic week it’s been, we have gone on so many amazing adventures.
We have been super busy playing and learning so many awesome things throughout the week. Water play, knect sand, painting and sensory bottles and balls all helping develop our sensory exploration and becoming aware of different smells, textures and taste and noise. Obstacle course, bikes, rockers and bouncing ponies, running, walking, climbing, crawling and kicking balls helping us to strengthen our gross motor skills. Home corner brings role play and lots of imaginative play as we take care of the dolls, make scrumptious yummy food, answer the phones and push our wooden trolleys around doing the groceries with our recycled boxes and bottles. Books in book corner is always nice for a moment of solitude, all cosy with their favourite book and lots of comfy cushions. What a big week of learning fun with all our little friends.

This morning Birdie, Pip and Isla went to Tumble Tots with Miss Bea and Miss Kate enjoying the balancing beam, mini trampoline, obstacle course and trapeze. Zac and his little buddy Carter enjoyed playing with the new large tennis balls that I brought, and zooming around on the bikes. Patrick was super busy self selecting a variety of resources from our shelves including the duplo blocks, cars, connector blocks and musical instruments. Summer was super adventurous today with her friends as she climbed the obstacle course with so much confidence and excitement. Jaxon was quite fascinated with the large dinosaurs, walking around showing his friends and educators, he thought it was very funny when Miss Shafagh rooooared like the dinosaur.

So much fun on this fantastic Friday, see you all again next week.

Have a great weekend everyone

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo