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Good Afternoon Families

We have all had a wonderful day, with an abundance of outdoor gross motor activities. Riding our bikes, kicking balls, and racing with our little friends around the yard. Our fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and language skills being developed as we played with the Musical instruments, crayon drawing and a fun game of Ten Pin Bowling.

Thank you so much Darcy for sharing your Ten Pin Bowling set with us. Darcy was very excited to share her bowling set with her friends. They all sat in a circle as Darcy gave each of her friends a coloured pin, all our friends recognising the colours of each one. Our favourite amongst the group was the big Blue light up ball.

Even though the weather was a little dreary it wasn’t too cold for us to enjoy an alfresco dining experience for our morning tea. After we sang our good morning song we all sat at the picnic tables and enjoyed our very yummy food of fresh fruit and raisen toast, and a big drink of water.

Our cooking experience today was super exciting with all our little learners helping to make blueberry pancakes. We all had a turn of adding the ingredients. Flour, sugar, vanilla, milk and eggs. Birdie and Pip were so helpful as they banged the eggs together to break them, a couple might not have made it to the bowl ?? Jaxon was very excited to add the blueberries, some accidentally slipping into Jaxon’s mouth. ??

Once all the mixing was done we moved our hands through the flour and sugar which had tipped out onto the table. Carter loved this sensory experience, smoothing it through his hair and over his face. Archie and Zac decided they would have a taste of the flour and sugar, yummy!!! While our little learners had a sleep we cooked the pancakes and served them with maple syrup and extra blueberries for afternoon tea along with our afternoon tea from our wonderful chief Miss Kristy. All of our little friends loved the pancakes so much. What a wonderful way to finish our week of learning the colour Blue.

Today while we ate our lunch we listened to a story called Brown Bears Birthday.

Thank you all for such an amazing week. Have a wonderful afternoon, and an fantastic weekend everyone.

See you all again next week.

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo ??