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Good Afternoon Families

Friday and Funky hair day today too Thank you all for sending your little ones with crazy hair:

Today with doors opened wide our little explorers had the choice of indoor or outdoor play,

Crayon drawing, bikes, balls and blocks being enjoyed during their outdoor adventures Kaya absolutely loved drawing today, as well as sharing the crayons with her friends, When they were done Kaya busied around collecting the crayons from her friends, placing them into the cup Kaya then packed them away on the shelf, Thank you Kaya you are such a big helper,

Dress ups on offer for some dramatic play, hats, scarves, bags and leis were set out on the soft mat for them to enjoy

Benifits of Role Play/ Dramatic Play

  • Develops communication and language skills.
  • Allows children to act out and make sense of real-life situations.
  • Allows children to explore, investigate and experiment.
  • Develops social skills as children collaborate with others.


Indoor Experiences were full of wonderful learning activities Stacking rings, discovery baskets and home corner being a few.

Today for our planned experience our little friends were involved in decorating Easter cards for their families. So much fun and enjoyment as they painted the cards with pastel coloured paint.

Oakley enjoyed some tummy time rolling over over on the soft mat, making his way to toys he had his eyes on, Henry found his favourite book and gave it to Miss Deb to read, getting all snuggled up in our quiet corner Henry and his friends enjoyed listening to Brown Bear. Lachlan practiced his walking today, using the table for support he moved around the table and then stretching out Lachlan grabbed hold of the chair and began to push the chair around the room. Oaklyn and Patrick shared a fun game of peek a boo with the baskets, placing them on their heads we would then sing the song Where is Oaklyn Where is Patrick and they would excitedly pop the baskets off their heads and say Boo! and then roll around the floor giggling, Super cute!

We have all had a wonderful week! See you all again for lots more adventures and fun next week, Have a fantastic weekend!

Love always Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo