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Good Afternoon Families

Happy Friday everyone, what have you got planned or the weekend?

Crazy hair day today, thank you to everyone for donating a gold coin which will go to the Leukaemia foundation. As part of our involvement in this cause today we took part in a fun sensory experience, using a variety of colourful ribbons and glue we made some fun crazy hair styles on our photos of our faces. The babies were encouraged to put glue onto the template with a thick brush then they were offered a selection of colourful ribbons to make some amazing hair styles on the them. All the babies seemed to enjoy this activity.

Today we opened the doors and windows wide to let the fresh air circulate our inside area. It was such a beautiful day outside that we decided to let the children choose which area they wanted to explore. They busily floated in and out loving the feeling of making their own choices.

We had a visit from our maintenance man today, everyone waved to him saying hello. Mr Peter was kind and put a hat rack on the wall for our hats, low enough for us to be able to reach them so as when we transition inside we can hang our hats up nice and neatly. Thank you Mr Peter.

Today we enjoyed some lovely alfresco dining In our outdoor area with all our little friends sitting at the park bench enjoying our yummy morning tea. We had bananas and crackers and lots of water to drink.

After we had filled our little bellies we popped our art smocks ready for some messy finger painting or some of our little learners  preferred to use a brush. We had so much fun sitting at the table like big kids getting nice and messy as we smeared and pushed the paint across the white paper. Next week we will be celebrating Harmony Day.  Today’s art work will be made into paper dolls holding hands, representing we are all one, different but the same.

Posting boxes, and bead mazes, balls and cars were only just a few of our little learners interests today as they explored the outdoor area. Inside there was loads more to discover, duplo blocks, books, discovery bags and lots of dancing to our favourite action songs.

We have all had such an amazing day, and a wonderful week with all our little friends.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and we will see you all next week for more fantastic adventures and learning experiences.

love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo