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Good Afternoon Families

Friday already. Wow the weeks are whizzing by so quickly!

Today we were all very excited to welcome a new little friend to our Babies Three Family. A big warm welcome to Mia and her family. We just know you are going to love it here!

Today we continued on with our Halloween activities. Cooking adventures today, with all the children becoming very excited when I said who wants to make some chocolate swamp monsters. As they all gathered around the table there was lots of chatter as they were very eager to start. First we added yummy melted chocolate mixed together with coconut oil. We all took turns to give our gooey mixture a stir in the cauldron. We then added crispy noodles to our potion, stirring it gently, we then watched as Miss Shafagh placed spoonfuls of the yummy concoction onto a tray. Now the fun part, we decorated our monsters with candy googly eyes. Some monsters had one eye others had a lot more. We popped then into the fridge to set, so as we can enjoy them for afternoon tea.

Play dough of orange, green, purple and black was on offer for our little learners to investigate. Adding some creepy crawly’s to the play dough for our friends to explore made our Halloween inspired dough even more exciting! Language Development and colour recognition  being implemented as we discussed, and ask open ended questions about the colours and feeling of the squishy dough as well as identifying the bugs.

It was Archie’s turn to visit the gym today with Miss Kim and Miss Kate. Archie really enjoyed his visit, climbing ladders, picking creepy bats, spiders and rats up using tongs then transferring the creatures into a bucket. This is a great hand eye coordination, and small muscle development as they squeeze the tongs together.We also did some stretches.

Lots music and movement as we danced along to a Monster dance as well as Hi Five and The Wiggles. Wiggles being requested by Birdie, Pip and Darcy.

Mia has had an amazing first day, and settled in well with all her new friends. Mia loved having a dance using the coloured scarves and was very interested in our cooking experience.

Isla busied about in home corner. Archie chose to his favourite car to push around the mat. Nyah enjoyed playing Ring A Rosey with her friend Darcy.  Zac and Archie also enjoyed belting out some beautiful music, taking it in turns with the xylophone.

During our group time activity the children chose which songs they wanted to sing. Today’s choices were, ABC, Wind The Bobbin Up, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Row Row Your Boat, and Five Cheeky Monkeys Jumping On The Bed.

Thank you all for an amazing week, we have all had so much fun learning and engaging in play with our friends.

Have a great afternoon and an amazing weekend doing the things you love 💖💖

See you soon 😀

Love Miss Deb and Miss Shafagh xxoo